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March 16, 2011



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Deep! LOL. Cool thought prvokoing entry. I dunno...I think to some degree taking flight from lifes little woes can be a good thing. Sometimes a step back is just what the doctor ordered. I suppose all things are good in moderation. " I'm going to be thinking serious thoughts all day." LOL.


I enjoyed this tarmteent of the theme very much. It can be amazing how much weather influences our emotions. I hadn't thought about it much before seeing your pictures and reading what you wrote here. I should have realized it, living in the rainy Northwest. :-) Very nice!


Oh how I remember all the puprles for Lent at our Episcopal church. This time of year and Christmas was always my favorite! You really got some great shots of that sunset! I am so jealous....interesting as always my friend. Good job!

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