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December 15, 2010



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Eat three times day.1. For breakfast eat cerael with Milk.2. For lunch hacve a Turkey Sandwich.3. Eat a good dinner with Veggies.After 30 days and you stick to this you can lose 20 pounds, but do not starve your self that is not good. ,The body reacts and knows when it is time to eat and when to chill. If you keep your calories at a minimum your body will take it from your fat! Then you lose weight. . . thats the key! You have to keep your body balanced and this means to stick to your diet. If you decided you want Ice Cream and cake before you got o bed. . you goofed because those carbohydrates will turn to fat and your body stored it for future use. If you starve your body of carbohydrates. . . your body will burn fat taking the carbs from your fatty tissues and ins o ding . . . you lose weight. . . or you can have sex everyday and sweat it off like I did:_)

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Fetch! Joey Posted on ~ I have changed all of my ruscee dogs name. Most don't sound any where near their old name.I just changed my Chihuahua's old name from Taco to Joey and he is already responding really well to it. It has been less than a week.My dog Frasier was Grant when I got him and my other girl Daphne used to be Midnight. They are respond to the new name as long as you reward them, look at them and keep saying the new name to them.If you don't want to change it completely you can do Cody, Kobe, Jodi, Rowdy, Brody.

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