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April 25, 2010



zipped the .cfm file that I used and added it to this entry (you should see a dnaolowd' link by the comments', print', etc).Again, I stress that this isn't an elegant solution nor is it one that I'm particularly proud of. But if you're using BlogCFC, and another, more elegant method doesn't come up, this might save you a little bit of time. Obviously, edit as needed.


Nice move Charlie. I'm all about MySQL these days. I still use MS SQL in a large enterprise enimronvent at work but that's more because that's "what we know." MySQL can handle enterprise apps these days too and I hope to dip more into using MySQL in a HA enimronvent.


STP: haha...ok, next time shall send u as a birthday psneret? hehe...CH Voon: haha...mebe for your daughter? hehe..ladyviral: yea, for kids maybe la...:)TZ: lol...yea, more for toy or decorations i think. :)

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