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October 19, 2009


Chris Wiggins

Nicely put, John.


This one is odd too:

"For the past 10 years, the buzz around open source has created a similar false impression."

Open source has solved more problems than one can begin to count. They have been solved quickly too. The Facebook, largest social media site in the world @ over 300 million, is built on the foundation of open source software.

Sweeping generalization to me. I agree with your hybrid theory fully.


Evan Fry

If this were on Facebook I would click on the "like" button.


Even if Dan's right, that it's sometimes the individual who cracks the code, it's the act of crowdsourcing that helps you find the individual. Innocentive has many examples of that. Or P&G, with its Swiffer. Anyone who's played in the space also knows that you're right re the benevolent dictator. But the real question is, what the hell is crowdsourcing? Is it a way to find the silver bullet? A technique for inspiring customer participation and viral spreading? Or simply an innovative way to hear what your market thinks and feels about you? I think it's all three. We should all stop criticizing the concept and learn to make it work for whatever purpose we have in mind.

Lance Gentry

Amen edwardboches. You can't find the nugget in the crowd without the crowd. Dan is missing the point. Crowdsourcing is a proven model. Naysayers are simply looking for the 4th grade kid who stole my lunch, ate it, and then said it wasn't good. As always you are too kind to your peers, JW.

Chris Marks

Dan spends the bulk of his article dismissing crowd sourcing as it is "commonly perceived." What he seems to be referring to is a crowd of unwashed, unemployable masses sitting at home trying to solve the world's most complex problems in their boxer shorts. There is no doubt that a "vituoso" would stand out among this crowd. Imagine, however, if you were able to tap into the crowd of virtuosos. Imagine the power of innovation and iteration that would occur among such a crowd. Maybe we shouldn't be steering away from crowd sourcing as much as steering away from crowd sourcing as it is "commonly perceived."

Account Deleted

Crowds and the sharing they enable give context and useful meaning to an idea. Without the "wisdom of the crowd" ideas will never become more than just that: an idea. But add a crowd, add context and you're on the way to innovation and meaningful problem solving. Without a crowd, a virtuoso is a lonely man.


What a beautiful world this will be
What a glorious time to be free!

Bruce DeBoer

Good luck folks. I'm becoming an edwardboches fan. Everything I've seen tells me he gets it.

I go with the crowdsourcing criticism when it's talked about as a cheaper or higher value source for design, photography, production or whatever.

Trying to based a business on turning a previously value added creative product into a commodity that can be harvested like so much feed corn isn't going to be pretty. Just take a look at the stock photography business - Bill Gates has been suffering with his profit structure for years.

However, there is high value in crowd participation if you make the effort to look beyond cheap design and into sourcing the crowd for brand advocates.

watch friends

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Love to read more from you on the topic above


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Interesting thought. I don't much beielve in creative collaboration when a creative product is close to being finished. I mean, it takes one talented artist to translate an idea onto paper, or whatever his/her medium might be. I've seen it too often that creativity by committee has produced nothing but waste artistic expressions without soul.Ideas on the other hand can get better through collaboration. The power of collective intelligence is hard to argue against.For sites specializing in crowdsourced creativity, check out


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