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September 17, 2009


Ben Malbon

Love it.

Fortes fortuna iuvat.


I am ready, John! Thanks for the post :)


I think I'll do my soloing from the keyboard, or with my road tires pressed firmly to the ground. But you are right and you have snagged a post idea from the inners of my mind. There are no barriers except for one. Your imagination. Set it free.


John, loved the post. In attempting to subscribe to your blog, I notice that the feeds set by your blog do not work properly. Then I saw the feedburner link which works fine. I recommend updating your blog rss links to point to your feedburner feed to make it easier for people to subscribe.


I'm just going to keep making ads and apps and content. The input may change, but the output will be the same. Glad I'm a creative.

Mel Exon

I love the spirit of this. The parallel with what we call work is so apt. If we're all "nodes on a network" then it's up to us as individual people to make a difference, not leave it up to the corporation (definition: 'a body of persons', after all).

Fortune favours the brave, indeed.



I love the network insight. Thanks for adding it.


David Burn

I climbed the third Flatiron on July 4th one year and then sat atop my bird-like perch to watch the fireworks.

Descending off the back mid-air into pitch darkness—now that was scary.

Thanks for the reminder. Looking into the abyss that is soloing as a writer, I see a distinct connection to that Independence Day event.


that down climb is scary, especially in the dark.

conrad lisco

Love the post. Very interesting concept...

Enter the age of the loner...where it's no longer a negative, but rather a badge.

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