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July 16, 2009



Congrats! I'd like to be one to have a first glimpse!


If you have one I would love to read it and review it on my Powershifter blog. Let me know if that works for you.



Evan Russack

I would love to read it and review it on your blog.

Ed cotton

Would love a read


this specific topic couldn't be more timely for the brand i manage. would love to get a head start.


John, would love a read and more than happy to talk about it and what it provokes on blog and twitter.

Dan Pankraz

john, be stoked to get a read and happy to review it on my youth blog say g'day to Dave Page for me


hey john, looking forward to the launch.
would love a sneak preview.

Sergey Yakupov

Hello, John!
If it is needed to do some previews in russian in my blogs - i'd love to help. :)

Brett T. T. Macfarlane

I enjoyed reading part of the draft, looking forward to the finished version and spreading the good word. The growing gestalt of marketing and product innovation is exciting and ripe with opportunity.


Hi John. If you dont already have too many volunteers, would love to read.

Darren Herman

John, would absolutely love a copy as your MDC brethren.

Josh Munsee

would love to read and review.


Yeah John—I'll plug it on WordLab. My readership is not big, but they are ALL marketing/ad/design people!

Ed Reilly

Hi John,
I'd love to help out! I'm currently a design researcher at Worrell, and I'd be happy to write a review and put it on my blog and submit it to core77 as well.


John I would love to read and review it (very publicly)


Would be happy to review it on my blog and also to submit the review to publications in the German speaking countries.

frank striefler

I would love to get my hands & eyes on a pre-print to review it.

John Winsor

Thanks, everyone. We'll get copies to you all. Please email me at [email protected] and give me your email address and shipping address.

luke sullivan

Would love to be an advance reader. Alex wrote the forward to the third edition of my book, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. I would move this title to the top of my list.

[email protected]

Chris M

That sounds awesome. I'm a CW at Miami Ad School SF and I know there will be some jealous folks waiting to get their mitts on your book. I'd love to read & tout it there, you can DM me on twitter, @doubleCdouble


Sara Kalinosk

I'm interested in both subjects, I'd love to read and review it.

Damon Webster

love to read, comment and twitter out some love.
Since the Ogilvy and Gossage books, we have been getting Godin'd . Would dig reading a tome from people who do it now.

Matthew Bunk

Who wouldn't want a chance to tell the masses whether this book sucks or not. I would love a chance to review.

Kristian Luoma

I'd love to read it and tweet it! (I'll be at CP+B Boulder for another three weeks.)

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