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April 18, 2009



Nice design work, but design at the cost of utility. My readers couldn't pick up a single one of them. It's like companies a few years ago placing prefixing URLs with http://www - it's the mark of edginess, not the actual utility or any depth of thought beyond the surface - in these cases, the image of the surface.

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I had no problems reading the codes there. Well, it's true that there has been some compromise made. I think it depends a whole lot on the kind of reader you're using. I've created lots of QR Codes (for company) using where images can be embedded as well and so far so good! :-)

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Thats the point. If the book is illegible check the reader !


hey ppl, what's going on here? Last time i visited this blog more than 20 hours ago and now i'm back and they are still gniivg codes away. i thought it must be over in 24 hours?

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