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April 21, 2009



Definitely agree with your list of "what makes a great community," (though I feel 5 & 10 may be a little redundant, fyi), but when it comes to applying the filter of community to a brand that does not have an inherently conversation worthy or high-engagement brand, it's important to credit brands who are able to align with the PASSIONS of their consumers to create engagement consistent with a brand "aura" in an authentic way, even when the product itself is only a byproduct of that experience.

edward boches

Other great brands for community: Ernst and Young.

What makes for good community:

1. opp'y to be heard, influence and define.
2. introduction to others

Good post. Make everyone else to all the work. You really have mastered crowd sourcing ;-)

Edward Boches

dave kennedy

heres a handful of Brands you may not have considered that have in my opinion done a terrific job of building community: just say'n

1. Patagonia
2. Quiksilver
3. phish
4. cliff Bar
5. NIN (Trent Reznor)
6. X box
7. Apple


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