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April 16, 2008



Excellent post, John... this observation is really on to something about brand behavior, how they move in 3&4d space. Nau is a brand I'd add to the list, Architecture for Humanity as well. I'm hesitant to suggest Apple because they're at or past the point of needing to re-invent themselves... a test of their cultural kinesthetics for sure.

A few months ago I spoke with an instructor for Cirque du Soleil (another brand that personifies kinesthetic learning) and her interpretation of brands, how they operate in physical space and their connectedness (or lack of) with culture. Fascinating how she would roll ideas through physical space as though she were articulating and manifesting the abstract into physical and material reality... fortunately we had a design sketcher capturing this... without those drawings much of the conversation would have been lost... wish we had a musician to riff the session, maybe a scent-ist like Luca Turin to articulate the essence.

Brands and leaders within their midst who understand the varied learning styles of their prosumers, do indeed move through space with the greatest of ease... the gymnast, the diver, the modern dancer. Marrying the anthropology with learning styles is incredibly fertile ground for understanding how to connect with the human spirit. How many brands truly deploy their marketing and design resources informed by this deeper insight?

Somewhat ironically, communications brands particularly mobile service providers have been the poster children for dictating the terms of the transaction with their customers, not clued in to the deeper needs and varied learning styles of their customers.

Your insight on this suggests that successful brands will connect with their future customers visceral-ities, their haptic-ulatesnss, triggering the highly sought after response, "you get me".


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