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December 11, 2007



Just saw this on Creativity. CPB is brilliant.


This was amazing i cant believe how upset people were. i know i would be so mad if i couldnt get a veeggie sandwhich at subway. and to be honest i was mad when subway discontinued the round minni sub. Now there using the other rolls and cutting them in 4ths. how lam. i hate it. Those rolls were so good., i loved them

Carla Conaway

This was a great stunt. I confess, I didn't understand the "Silly Whopper, that's a Big Mac box" billboards until I saw this.

What would happen if CP+B took this stunt to stores nationwide? Was there any coverage by the press? Any chance irate customers would start picket lines? Imagine a Whopper-free city. The angry mob would start waving torches and pitchforks.


this is practically the same reaction I had when I returned from Europe, heading to my local California Pizza Kitchen and being informed that they had discontinued the Peking Duck Pizza. An outrage!


Amazing - the power of scarcity in action. It is happening when you take something away from people that they have got used to.

Or, remember the sales gimmicks when shops state that "only 3 items left" or "Sale, Sale - last day today".

Products suddenly become much more desirable.


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