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October 18, 2007


Paul Karuso

Take this for what it is worth, but I think it is time you start blogging about different companies than the two or three you repeatedly mention here.
Tired of hearing about Patagonia....I bet you own a large stock in them, am i right?


Thanks for the comment. Seems like 10 mentions in 700 posts doesn't seem like a lot. Maybe I'm wrong.

If you didn't already know, Patagonia is a private company and I don't think Yvon is planning on selling shares anytime soon.


Icebreaker has a nice transparency program called the BaaCode that lets you track the merino in your apparel back to the farm/ranch in New Zealand where it came from and see online videos of the farmers...

This stuff certainly makes great copy and has the best intentions, but what is the consumer response? Do these types of programs really affect buying patterns or are they just fetishes for eco hipsters? I mean do most consumers really go on line and look at this stuff to make a buying decison or in the end is it still about style, price, fit? Are transparency programs more of a flourish on Patagonia's brand message than a tool that most consumers will actually use and demand in the future?

And yes Patagonia is well worth writing about. Like it or not, other outdoor companies look to Patagonia to set trends. Its polyester recycling program with Tejin is expanding as other brands jump on the bandwagon. So it is important to watch what Patagonia does. I'm sure these transparency programs will likewise trickle down. What I wonder is how they affect consumption. After all, if you want to truly change the paradigm it's probably more important to speak to the hordes of teenage girls shopping at your local mall than to eco freaks on the Patagonia web site, yes?


Good points. Time will tell how these programs affect consumer behavior.


Well put, sir, well put. I'll cretnaily make note of that.

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