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January 18, 2007


Lee McEwan

Keep it John! Beards are polarising just like truly emotionally engaging brands.


Agreed. I made some modifications to it last night. I'll post them today.


I don't really vlog so I haven't ever rciveeed a hate comment. I do sometimes see stupid/rude people (the two usually go hand in hand) comment on videos I really like or vlogs of people I like so I can tend to get fired up about that. I'll admit that I've responded to a few of those in my time on YouTube. However, I find that not receiving comments at all can hurt pretty bad too. That's like no one cares. No one cares that you spent hours editing that video or typing out that blog. That's what really sucks.


Posted on I don't Have a solution as well Aloka. I've goettn into some arguments with people over similar incidents. Once at a 5* hotel where the security staff didn't even move. As long as authorities do not back you up I'm not sure how much can change. A lot of people in power think the same way as these men. I hope that can be changed. How, is the question

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