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January 02, 2007



I will be reading this!! On booking now!!
Alex and all the miami crew made magical relationship between brands & human beings. Thanks for the clue!


brendan,I'm not sure where you get the about-face comment I've alwyas advocated models that recognize the competing interests of blogger free expression and blogger authenticity. That's why I try to educate critics who don't want bloggers to own their own voice/blog/audience and I try to guide bloggers about disclosure policies (including Toni here).For a debate centered around ethics it still amazes me how many half-truths get thrown around.You say: PPP is based on the concept that people don't immediately know it's advertising it's abusing the trust built up between a blogger and his or her readers The truth is: PPP is based on the concept that bloggers own their blogs and their relationship with their readers better than any 3rd party could. They have to make the right calls on honesty and disclosure, with advice from us/others and PPP's rating system to encourage quality and discourage abuse. It's also based on the concept that bloggers look for new writing ideas every single day, and the PPP platform offers a rich, diverse cache of ideas that also happen to cover the cost of their time/effort/hosting.I researched the platform for 3+ months BEFORE I put my money where my research was. I started with a number of the misconceptions I'm hearing across the blogosphere. My research included speaking with many bloggers, advertisers and audiences. I spent time/effort to understand the typical user and the outliers. I also spent time understanding management's commitment to do good. This is 100X the time/effort spent by drive-by analysts polluting the blogosphere with wrong information.To your comment of never even being remotely accepted , I'd share that PayPerPost is already accepted by mainsteram bloggers and doing great things for thousands of honest, ethical, hardworking people across the world. It provides a viable revenue model to a CGM industry that isn't sustainable without one. It also encourages discipline/quality by bloggers and brings new voices/experiences/knowledge to this medium. So long as the platform continues to empower the masses and dilute the earning/influence power of the elites, it will face resistance from the elites. I understand that, but the future belongs to the masses

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