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January 25, 2007


Michael Perman

Looking forward to this conference since a) John's a great thought partner and b) I think we're at another historical inflection point in regard to community.

First, I think we as a collective group of marketers, designers and academics have helped the name "community" prosper in the digital space without regard to whether consumers believe that's the appropriate name for what it utilized. But, semantics aside, I think we are now learning more about the empty space...the "third space" that exists where traditional community and digital community have yet to fulfill.

Community by it's nature is an interactive basket of surprises and delights that help an entity or an environment grow and prosper, to establish roots for others who come by to enjoy. Community provides equity, historical reference points, learning experience and memorable voice of change. Second Life indeed has the potential for this provision of sustainable roots, but I wonder if it's complexity and infinite nature can be ultimately satisfying or just amazinlgy fun, creative and lucrative.

I am looking forward to completing our research and beginning to envsion a next wave of community. I believe there will be more substance than just convenience and entertainment. I think immediate access to specific commonalities and viral speed of messaging are now the "antes", but there is a new wave emerging..the third space that will change the current paradigm. Stay tuned.

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Community 2.0 - John Winsor

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