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December 20, 2006


Hideo Esaka

Thanks so much for being a guest on BizWise TV yesterday! I apologize for not getting to meet in person...

btw, I was just reading your most recent post, and your comment on "customers are tired of a one-way conversation" (though not in the context of technology marketing per se') really rang true. Getting expert opinions like yours from outside the company as well as soliciting and acting on customer preferences (not just product, but in how customers want to receive and digest information) has been both invigorating and eye-opening for us!!

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing the final version!

Derrick Daye


You're right on. Choices are a new cornerstone of customer satisfaction and expectation. Unfortunately, a decision maker at Mars does not share our point of view.


Great article ;)) I wrote a french article on the same subject (you can read it here
M&M's do not hesitate to loose the controle in order to buid a true relation with it's consumer. Today, we buy product to leave emotions!!
M&M's like playing with consumer and launch 'serie limitée' with the famous 'Pirate des Caraïbes' 'Star Wars' and 'Shrek' M&M's has changes his 'codes couleurs' or 'DNA' if you prefer ;))

John Bell

Wow and I thought I was imagining things when those jumbo packs replaced the more reasonably sized ones at all the Hudson News and other airport newstands. Glad to know I am okay. On the other hand, this is a misstep for M&M (Mars). Jigger the pricing - do what you have to do - but show that you are aware of the obesity epidemic and offer smaller portions.

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