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December 19, 2006



Do they consider post-consumable waste and comusner habits as a result of the market?Companies can do their best on the front side to conserve/reuse/be green, etc on the manufacturing side, but when products are priced to be cheaper than replacing a single part, what have we gained?The classic example is the printer industry. Last time i needed to buy ink, i tossed my old printer and bought a new one. At the current prices, when i run out of ink again, i'll do the same. (Actually, i'll buy a laser if my wife can get by without color to try and stop the insanity.)But this shows up in so many other market segments now. Lawnmower break? It'll be a min. of $100 for parts and labor. New one = $120. Bulb out in your strand of Christmas tree lights? A replacement bulb pack is $2 so is a whole new strand of 150 lights.The price of those items does not include the disposal cost.I'm not a fan of dumping lots of stuff, but i have to be responsible with my money as well

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