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September 26, 2006


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SSE is not alone in announcing startling results. National Grid recently posted a ?2.7bn profit on revenues of ?14.4bn – a margin of about 19%. British Gas said an increase in gas usage of 18% in the first four months of 2013 due to very cold weather had helped its figures. Its parent company, Centrica, is on target to post full-year earnings of ?1.4bn, prompting the Fuel Poverty Action group to target the companies recent AGM with its Stop the Great Fuel Robbery campaign.


Osborne's excuse for the late arrival of the train at its deficit-free destination is that he inherited some clapped-out rolling stock and that exports have been hit by problems in the eurozone, the US and China. This all sounds wearyingly familiar to the long-suffering public, rightly cynical about those who seek to explain away failure by talking about leaves on the line or the wrong kind of snow.Here are the crucial economic announcements made by chancellor today in his autumn statement to the Commons:

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Bolloré harbours ambitions for significant growth at Havas. The company recently outlined expansion plans, unveiling a ?750m (?643m) warchest to help grow the business from about ?1.5bn in revenue to more than ?2.5bn over the next three years.


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Today, the first major retrospective of his work is published in book form and a luminescently lovely affair it is too. As well it might be. Knight gave up his summer holiday to go to China and oversee the printing – an example of his fanatical attention to detail. "I can tell you, it wouldn't have looked like this if I hadn't," he laughs. It is one of his more admirable characteristics that this near-pathological precision might apply equally to a film he is making for an up-and-coming young designer who's as poor as the proverbial church mouse as it might to a global advertising campaign that will appear on billboards in New York, Tokyo or Beijing. It's not all about money.
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b) ?20million
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Toyota targets sales of 10 million
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There is also mention of ??cutting edge technologies?? to raise crop yields and Clinton affirmed with authority that crop productivity was the ??root?? of the problem of world hunger.
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