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August 16, 2006




In all the buzz about inside-out viral marketing through customers, everyone seems to be forgetting the equally important corollary of inside-inside viral marketing through colleagues and partners.

The obvious application is in organisational change communications.

There is considerable evidence that viral communications about an organisational change (commonly known as the grapevine) is what makes or breaks a successful organisational change programme.

Graham Hill
Independent Management Consultant


Graham -

Great thought. I always find it interesting that when helping companies listen to their customers the biggest challenge is telling the customer's story inside the company in a way that can be scalable.

Jack Yan

Very true, John: deadlines, even in the days of Web 1·0, had different meanings. News sites did not have a closing time to make the printers; perhaps as a parallel, viral marketing efforts are open, evolving, and are often aimed at a future trend, not a present one. Hence, the time-frame for a marketing project, as we knew it, is irrelevant.


The fluidity is what makes companies have a difficult time with viral marketing. Most take a top-down approach instead of jumping in the cultural river and participating in this fluidity.


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