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August 17, 2006




Toyota is also investing time, money and resources in improving their business processes too, particularly their customer-facing ones.

For example, in Germany, Toyota has been taking the best of its lean thinking (from its famous Toyota Production System) and applaying it to its customer management activities. The Lean CRM that has emerged from the work has significantly increased customer retention whilst reducing sales, marketing & service costs.

I write about Toyota's Lean CRM in two recent articles at The Lean CRM-Toyota Story and Let the Customer Drive Your Business with "Lean CRM".

Graham Hill


Graham -

Toyota is doing so many things right. Thakns for the link to your article.

Jack Yan

Isn’t the Honda Insight also a hybrid from the ground up? That aside, I do agree that innovation will keep companies in front—not rehashing the glory days over and over (as some US automakers are intent on doing).


Rehashing the glory days is a great way to put it, Jack. Between that and relying on the "dinosaurs", a la pick-up trucks.


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