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August 10, 2006


Nigel Hollis

Hi John,
The only amusing aspect of GM's pathetic attempt to market their gas guzzler is that one of their own ads draws the analogy between the Hummer and dinosaurs (well monsters anyway). Much as I wish GM well, I hope they learn that they need to lead shape consumer opinion not just react to it. Let's also hope the Hummer dies a quick death and GM learns what real demand creation is all about.


Death to the Hummer!


Just as Camel brand cigarettes was prohibited from targeting youth, Hummer should be as well. Those trucks are just as harmful to the environment and public health, if not more! Hummer should be ashamed of stooping so low -- it was bad enough just to manufacture those monstrosities. I'll admit to collecting the McDonalds race cars and micro-minis as a child of the 80s, but we live in a different world today and the Hummer is a whole other beast...


qantza At last, someone comes up with the "right" answer!

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The bigger, heaevir Ford Expedition is more analogous to the Hummer. The '06 model is rated 14 mpg at Edmund's site. I take that to be combined city/highway.Demeur, you're right about the good features of cash for clunkers. It kills at least three birds with one stone. It's a decent investment.My one concern, which no one else seems to have thought of, is that dealers have mostly been selling off stagnant inventory. That's good, of course.However, if factories now step up production, with unemployment still nipping at 10 percent (or more), manufacturers and dealers will soon find themselves with inventory backing up again. That's not good.The key to restoring the economy, the automotive industry included, is getting unemployment back down to 4.5 percent or less. Cash for clunkers might help a little, but only a little and only temporarily.


This Cash for Clunkers program seems to be woiknrg pretty well. No wonder conservatives are slamming it. Not only do they hate it, but their Talking Point of the Week is "the government can't even handle the Cash for Clunkers program, and they want to take over your health care?!?!?!?!?"


Arictles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.


That hits the target dead cteenr! Great answer!


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