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June 14, 2006


olivier blanchard

I'll bet that if you spoke with chronic catalysts for innovation (okay, we can call them serial innovators), you would get a different P.o.V.

It's been my experience that with these types of creative, insightful, intellectually curious people, their capacity for higher thought is actually boosted by anomalies and unexpected results. Errors, inconsistencies, failures will probably attract their attention and trigger their curiosity. They are turned on by the unknown. By puzzles. By accidental discoveries. Don't you think?

john winsor

Olivier -

Great thought. You could possibly marry the expectation model of neuroscience with diffusion theory.

francois gossieaux

Following the same logic as the one described in the research, serial innovators who innovate by "detecting errors" (only one of the innovation triggers) would have neural paths that deal with those would eventually be hardwired in their brain and moved to the unconscious level...

Of course, this is a marketer's interpretation of neuroscientific research - so use at your own peril :)

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