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May 11, 2006



What is confusing about the inspiration provided by the WPA?

The usage of "more credit" does not appear to be appropriate here, as it implies that some credit was given.

And call me crazy, but if I observe someone employing tactics that are not just of questionable ethics in general, but blatantly exploitative of my own project in particular, I may not see them as an attractive partner for said project!


Here's another contrast between what StoryCorps is doing in modelling their project after the WPA and what JetBlue is doing. StoryCorps is funded by the likes of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Library of Congress to create a public work, an archive of oral history. They've put a lot of money and resources into developing the project into a rich resource for generations to come, and the visual identity of the project is an important part of that.

JetBlue, by comparision, is ripping off the work of a small non-profit for their own gain.

I see a big difference.

Asaf Naymark

Not only that, but suggesting that StoryCorps make an offer for JetBlue to be a sponsor goes right in the face of your quote of Nietzsche that there are no facts, only interpretation. Who wants a corporation with the narrow interest of catering to its shareholders to be the supporter of such a collection of stories? Surely there is an ethical dilemma here without looking too far.

Bryan Chiao

check out today's wall st. journal! an article about jetblue vs storycorps.

john winsor

Thanks, Bryan!

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