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May 31, 2006




I tried to post a comment on Olivier's entry today but the Corante Marketing Hub wouldn't let me sign-in (so much for co-creation!). So I'm posting here instead.

I think Olivier is mistaken. He seems to conflate bottom-up co-creation with full-scale open innovation in all its emergent glory. And to see co-creation as an automatic threat to the hegemony of "we are the brand" marketing narcissists.

As Chris Lawer points out in his "eight types of co-creation" model, co-creation covers many different things: from working together with a limited number of invited lead customers, through managed customer generated media, all the way to full-scale open innovation.

I would be willing to bet that there is hardly a single company of any size that wouldn't benefit from some degree of co-creation. With customers, with non-customers and with ex-customers. And that goes for Whole Foods, Rolls Royce, snotty-nosed restaurants and other "our way or the highway" companies too.

Of course, some companies may not want to co-create with customers, for whatever reason. These companies undoubtedly leave co-creation benefits on the table for others to pick up.

john winsor

Grant -

Thanks for the great comment. I couldn't agree more.

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