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May 23, 2005


Diego from Metacool

In the immortal words of Tower of Power:

Hipness is. What it is!
Hipness is. What it is!
Hipness is. What it is!
Sometimes hipness is, what it ain't.

You went an' found you a guru.
In an effort to find you a new you,
And maybe even raise your conscious level.

While you're striving to find the right road,
There's one thing you should know,
What's hip today, might become passe'.

Hip Deep Halper

I've lost my cool!
I was cool when I first read Beat Poetry. Then I lost my cool.
I found my cool in Flower Power and in Peoples Park and in Going Clean for Gene. Lost it. Found it a bzillion times. Staying cool when cool isn't cool. Cool evolves and remains the same.
As Letterman would say, "I have no idea what that means!"

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