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March 30, 2005


Steve Portigal

What was the event? I'm SF (or local to) and I don't think I knew about it...or did and have since forgot?


How are the shoes so far?

I'm saving my grickles for a pair. Can't wait!

John Winsor

Steve -

It was an IQPC event. Overall, it was pretty small but there were some good speakers. It seems that conference attendance is down these days.

Diego -

So far so good. I really dig them. Steve did a great job on the design, unfortunately, he got none of hte props.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks John! It was great to meet you as well. I notice that I'm pruning down the blogs I read to just about two dozen in order to stay focused. When I look at which are left, it's the ones that are "real."

I felt that when I read "Beyond the Brand." Speaking with you, I already had a good inkling and had glimpsed into your life -- your passion for surfing, the Mexican village you love, the Russian boys you and your wife adopted -- in your book. That realness pervaded your book and now your blog and I think that allows face-to-face meetings to be so effortless...


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